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Our extensive range of new and reconditioned electric motors, control units, gearboxes, transformers and switchgear can be dispatched immediately anywhere in the world. We work with the world’s leading manufacturers to give you the best quality products, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff are here to ensure you get the best solution for your business.  

Low, medium and high voltage electric motors 

All of our motors come with excellent efficiency and reliability ratings, a long service life and a comprehensive warranty. Most require low levels of maintenance and have been engineered with flexibility in mind – so can be used in a variety of applications. From small-scale commercial sites to large-scale industrial plants, we will be able to source the right one for you.

Servo motors

We supply a wide range of sectors with these high-performance devices, and always have many different models in stock for various purposes. From brushed and brushless to linear and direct drive rotary, we’ll find the actuator that slots in perfectly to your machine; providing a quiet, efficient, compact and very reliable solution over other motor types.

Traction motors

All of our traction motors provide a powerful and smooth power delivery, and with many options in stock, we cater for a diverse range of vehicles. With a high torque density as standard, we offer air and liquid-cooled varieties that are shock and vibration-proof, as well as being resistant to rust and corrosion. Each one promises low maintenance and low running costs.


Every industrial gearbox we stock achieves class-leading levels of efficiency, and each is handpicked for maximum durability. Engineered for a range of applications, they can be used in a wide variety of sectors. Our transmission systems are finely tuned to give you optimum control for your lifting equipment, pumps, conveyors, and much more. We offer worm, combination, shaft-mounted, low ratio helical and right-angled options.

Control Panel Building

Our expertly trained engineers can design, manufacture, program and install standard or bespoke control panels for your facility that are fully compliant with the latest regulations. We work closely with you from start to finish to make sure you get exactly what you need, and offer ongoing round the clock technical and maintenance support. A panel build with us means you get the full package – from the circuitry and hardware to the software, interfaces and testing. We can also modify and refurbish your existing system too. 

Transformers and HV Switchgear

We always carry a large and varied stock of power equipment to suit a range of commercial scales. It includes standard distribution and power transformers, with cast resin and air-cooled types available. All come with industry-leading levels of cooling and safety. Our high-voltage switchgear is available in a variety of insulating materials and we can advise you on the best protection methods to ensure your business is fully compliant with the latest health and safety regulations.

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