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We are industrial electrical equipment repair specialists. Our engineers have a great depth of understanding and technical ability to give you the best possible service. Our workshop contains the latest machinery alongside a fabrication and welding facility, so we can offer the most efficient repairs without the need for outsourcing. We can accommodate all types of electric motor rewind, refurbishment and overhaul.

Electric Motors

When it comes to electrical motor repairs, rewinding, overhauls, reconditioning and redesigns for industrial and commercial use, this is our specialist subject. It’s often more economical to rewind than replace. We can fix all types and sizes of motor, as well as providing maintenance support. Our workshops are packed with the latest technology and equipment to provide a complete in-house service – minimising downtime and saving you money. Every job is carried out to stringent OEM specifications and comes with a broad-ranging guarantee.

Control Panels

We offer an in-depth diagnostic, repair and servicing package based on our many decades of collective experience. Our fault-finding expertise is of the highest standard; as is our practical ability to repair your machine within tight timeframes. We’re acutely aware of how costly an inoperative or malfunctioning control panel can be, so our processes are set up to deliver the quickest turnarounds when possible. Additionally, we can go one step further in certain cases by offering cost-effective modifications to prevent the need for panel replacement.

Transformers and H.V Switchgear

Backed up by a reliable flow of spare parts, we can offer you 24-hour repair assistance covering a wide range of transformers and high-voltage switchgear. From oil sample analysis to injection testing – our highly qualified team have got you covered to minimise disruption. We also keep detailed records of all diagnostics, repairs and maintenance undertaken.


We provide a meticulous diagnostic and repair service, often able to fix faults on-site to minimise inconvenience and get to the root of the problem – so it won’t reoccur. Our experienced engineers are masterful troubleshooters with an immense amount of technical ability. They can conduct vibration analysis of internal parts, perform the most thorough of inspections, and present you with a comprehensive assessment of the gearbox’s condition. And we always try to repair instead of replace – to save you time and money.  

Hazardous Area Repairs

With many years of experience in dealing with cryogenic and liquefied gas pumps, we’re well versed in hazardous area best practice. Our highly qualified specialists will inspect and fix your equipment with an expert eye, with safety always of paramount importance during any procedure. Every engineer is fully certified, and we are AEMT-approved for hazardous area work in a range of settings. Our service can also include maintenance project management.

Marine Repairs

We have the in-house capability to conduct an expansive array of inspections and repairs in the marine environment: from simple switchboard diagnostics, to the most complex of in-situ repairs. The repair service also encompasses motor testing, thermal analysis, alternator rewinds, and the maintenance of power distribution systems – including transformers, generators and control panels.

Condition Monitoring

Substantial savings can be made through the regular monitoring of your machinery. Our expert engineers can do this for you remotely and on-site, giving you the reassurance and confidence that your plant is in safe hands, identifying small problems before they become big ones. We can carry out vibration analysis to identify any imbalances; perform thermography to pinpoint if any components are overheating; do an oil analysis to detect any contamination; or implement a Baker Test on your electric motors to check for any weaknesses, and evaluate speed and torque.

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